Guitar Fast

Guitar Fast is an online teaching school that specializes in beginner courses.

Unlike other online schools it has tailored courses that are aimed at people who are just starting out or who want to gain music theory knowledge.

It takes you right back to the start and strips out any bad habits you may have picked up or if you are an absolute beginner it will teach you the best way to progress on the instrument.

The course is designed to balance music theory knowledge and practical playing. It has been put together by a professional, qualified guitar tutor with over 15 years experience teaching one to one and group lessons.

Guitar Fast is very different from other online lessons, it’s all about the student taking a full 12-week course that develops your playing in the correct way. Not just random lessons that don’t follow a pattern, and not a teacher using the lessons to show off! Guitar Fast is all about student learning.

Over the 12 weeks you will get a lesson every week. The lessons are the most rounded way of learning to play the guitar. You’ll get a video lesson, a write up of the lesson, full notation, guitar tab, chord boxes and downloadable audio. This will ensure you get everything you need to set you on your way. Guitar Fast will teach you the best way but it’s down to you to put the practice in. will be launching in April 2015.